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Default Re: [MA: TG] Preventing Movement with Telekinesis

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
Apply enough control points (I believe each level of TK is a level of ST) to lower DX and ST to the point where they can't move. This works for both TK and regular grappling.
Technical Grappling removes the concept of the pinned
state, but you can still immobilize a foe by reducing his effective
ST and DX.
Can't you usually still attempt attacks at DX 0 if you're particularly skilled or using Telegraphic Attacks for +4, so long as your effective skill is at least 3?

I know you're supposed to be immobile (or dead, if reduced to it by aging) if a DX 0 creature under normal rules, but I don't know whether or not temporary penalties work the same.
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