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Originally Posted by JCurwen3 View Post
Any ways this could be a problem? I'm thinking of treating this as a Resistant / Immunity thing. Not sure how to class "distractions that break Concentrate maneuver chains" though. Is it Very Common, or Common? I can't imagine calling it less than Common.
That sounds reasonable to me. On the other hand, taking Resistant from a Common immunity means 5 points buys you a +3, which does seem a bit cheap compared to stuff like High Pain Threshold [10] or +3 Will with a maximal (-80%) limitation [6], but not drastically so.

If actually being stunned doesn't break your concentration either, I'd definitely bump the cost to 30 though.

Also, is "undistractable" the right word? Or "indistractable"? Or what?
Immunity to Distraction works for me....

On the flip side, what would a greater Susceptibility to distractions breaking Concentrate be worth as a disadvantage?
Seems like a very limited form of Weak Will - since you'd want an integer value, the choice is between -1 and -2 points per -1 to Will rolls I guess. I'd go with -1, these aren't much more common than fright checks, and the consequences of failure are less, so matching Fearfulness is excessive.
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