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Default Re: Noršlond questions

Originally Posted by LokRobster View Post
Would it be crazy to offer-bundle a 16page Skald book as a add-on to the Ovinabokin?

It would not be crazy . . . but I'm going to try something in 2020 that might make that irrelevant (the add-on thing).

My experience with late add-ons is mixed. On the one hand, the add-ons for The Fantasy Trip were incredibly well received, and probably doubled my revenue. Those were counter sheets and a card deck, and the addition of a fifth adventure to the original four was more of a "yeah, I mispriced the original offering high, and *everyone* gets the new fifth book, which takes the pricing to where it should have been in the first place."

For Nordlond Sagas, adding Hand of Asgard as an add-on mid campaign was not as effective as it could have been. Folks were confused about whether it was included or an add-on (after pledging, many simply ignore the campaign and the updates until the end; that's not a complaint . . . if you back a lot of kickstarters then you are FLOODED with updates), and while I think it did OK, I think more folks will find that book useful than bought it.

In short . . . having "oh, and this other thing too" as an add-on is OK, but it can muddle the pitch unless (as with Phil Reed's new campaigns), "pick from this extensive and cool back-catalog of stuff" is one of the actual pitches from the campaign itself.

I want to keep the enemies book focused on JUST the enemies book. It is a giant project worthy of 100% of my focus and attention. I want to keep the offerings simple on that one. I also will be trying something with some of the upcoming projects that may well really help with the project queue, add-ons, etc. More on that once Nordlond Sagas is done.
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