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Default Re: [Magic] How much food can the Blossom spell produce?

Thinking about it, Heal Plant might be sufficient to 'cure' a plant of the after-effects of Blossom. Purify Earth would definitely be necessary to replace the nutrients consumed by the plants in producing their crop.

You'd also need a large supply of water, because all those apples, nuts, etc. take a lot of water to produce. However the Rain spell should be adequate for this purpose.

If the desired crop can be obtained entirely from long-lived trees these alone should be sufficient. If short-lived bushes and the like are included every so often you'll need to replant and either allow them to mature naturally or run Pant Growth over the area (which is a rather energy intensive operation). Crops where the entire plant is harvested (grains, potatoes, etc.) will require this, and probably aren't a good candidate for this industrial application of Blossom, etc.

All these spells are area spells, and the highest cost is Heal Plant, so that is the one that sets the maximum area that can be managed with a single casting. Rain is really cheap. A ceremonial group can, assuming they don't try and get fancy and just cast each spell over the same area, manage a 33-yard radius area and the casting cycle is about 1-2/3 hours (ceremonial casting of these spells is slow). Adding Harvest saves a whole lot of labour and the wait whilst the produce is picked and adds about another 20 minutes to the cycle assuming it uses a different lead caster (so it can use the assistants not needed for the Blossom and Purify Earth spells). So two hours per cycle, plus a little more for Rain every few cycles.

Thus a ceremonial team can do three cycles per day and actually have real time off for their lunch break (rather than being forced to rest and recover FP) and for meetings that go over time and other sources of wasted time (and anyone who thinks that an organisation that's trying to do something that requires over 100 people to all be present and ready on time every day, etc., won't loose time to admin and other overhead is dreaming). Assuming they're sane and work a five day week, and that there are enough people to lead the ceremony that it doesn't grind to a halt when the lead caster takes a holiday, the team will do 780 cycles per year.

A 33-yard casting will cover about 20 trees, assuming the trees are 4 yards apart (Heal Plant says a tree needs at least a 3 yard radius, and healthy fruit trees usually need some separation). That's a lot of apples.
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