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Default Re: [Magic] How much food can the Blossom spell produce?

I thought I'd posted this straight after my previous posting but it seems to have gone clang.

What is the actual text of the Blossom spell? People here seem to keep asking about what one type of fruit would be a good nutritional staple. Is it only for a single type of plant at a time? Is it only for fruit? If you had an elf town in the forest, it seems to me it would be thoroughly elf-like to grow all sorts of edible plants together, to the extent that passing humans would think it was just an improbably well-stocked forest, and harvest them all together.

If it's specifically for trees (I'm just guessing here), then the answer is to plant nut trees alongside your fruit trees, as some people have said. There's your fat and protein, by the bucketful. Chestnuts are unusual in being mostly starch, and I once saw a permaculture farmer on a TV documentary claim that an acre of chestnut trees will supply as much flour as an acre of wheat. Useful, if true.
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