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Default Re: Defend and changing options

Originally Posted by Nils_Lindeberg View Post
I don't know how to solve issues like one player saying; if he shrewd attacks me I will defend, but not otherwise, and the other player says; I will shrewd attack him but only if he doesn't defend if he defends I do a normal attack.

How would you guys decide on the priority?
This is how we have always played, that is, until the dice were rolled an action hadn't been taken. Back in the day we were a table with many (usually good natured) rules lawyers, so certainly there could be blind spots, but I think we gave this a pretty thorough testing over probably 100s of hours.

The answer to your question is simply that the defender will get the last word.

The attacker has to make the decision about who/how to attack. The decision to defend (or not) is in response to that. So while we say that nothing is committed until the dice are rolled, there is also a sequence there that means it is not an endless recursion.
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