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Maybe this has already been thought of and worked on. I have always admired the Roger Stine cover art for the second edition of Wizard where the fighter is having his face removed by a wizard. Well, I want that spell. Have wanted that spell since I saw that art. Will that spell be in the new Wizard or ITL? Has anyone ever created that spell in their campaigns?

Yours in wizardry,

I created the Soul Jar spell which reproduced the effects of that art. However, I never liked it and eventually removed it from my campaign.

It put the victim's soul into a ball, a pre-prepared magic item. If the ball was destroyed the soul was lost. The body could be used much like a flesh golem. If the body died, the soul was trapped in the ball forever.

At any time, a NEW soul could be transferred into the ball, in which case the old soul was lost and the old body died.

It was too nasty, too powerful. The PC's hated it. I made it cost a much higher IQ to cast, but that just moved it into the "only NPC's can get this" category.


I disliked that cover art. The art, I feel, should reflect what can happen in game. Art that shows spells that don't exist always felt like a bait and switch to me.

Warm regards, Rick.
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