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Default Re: [Sorcery] Doctor Strange (2017 movie) Mystic Arts

In addition to my Super-Sorcery! article (and thanks for the plug, Refplace! :-) ), you might also want to check out "Lord of Your Own Domain", in Pyramid #3/63, by Christopher Rice. It has the new advantage Jumper (Pocket Dimension), which might actually suit the Mirror World a bit better than standard Jumper (World).

In any case, I'd actually say that the ability to take people into the Mirror World isn't an Affliction with Jumper, it's just straight Jumper, with the Tunnel enhancement, the +100% version that means the tunnel forms before you jump, and you can choose to go through or not. All the examples from the Dr. Strange movie that I can think of that involved someone going to the Mirror World against their will involved someone forming the portal first, and either physically forcing the other person through, or tricking them into moving through on their own. I don't recall any examples of someone engaging in a contest of will or anything to avoid being pushed there, which is what an Affliction would suggest.
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