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Default Re: [Magic] Remove Enchantment to end a Lich?

Originally Posted by JasonByrne View Post
This character was also magically-exhausted, Teleported far enough away to buy time for the finger-drawing, and used this as a last-ditch effort. So... rules were bent, I'd guess.
That was the main rules problem. Per Syntactic magic, "Most syntactic spells are Regular or Area spells" and "All usual modifiers for range, touching, concentration, and so on apply to syntactic spells." If he was far enough away to not get ganked during a 42 second casting, he would have had skill penalties in the hundreds. Also, syntactic magic generally uses standard magic as models for effects, so remove enchantment is an enchantment type effect that takes a minimum of an hour (Symbolic inscriptions have the normal casting time for an enchantment).
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