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Default Creature ST from size in hexes

Adult humans avg ST 10 and 150 pounds. sqrt(150/1.5) = 10

Large 1-hex figures are 300 pounds, hence avg ST 14 (c.f. Reptile men and gargoyles)

2-hex figures are around 1000 pounds, hence avg ST for a horse or centaur should be ST 25

3-hex figures are up to 2000 pounds, ST 36 (which is near but not at the top of Giant ST)

4-hex dragons weigh 3000 pounds hence their ST isn't 45 like it ought to be.

Oxen also weigh up to 3000 pounds (a 2-hex animal?) and so have predicted ST of 45 vs listed ST 40.

Elephants/mammoths weigh up to 13,000 pounds and have predicted ST of 93, vs listed maximum ST of 75
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