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Default Re: [Magic] Magery et al with Temporary Disadvantages

Backlash would also be an interesting modifier for Magery 1+ (it becomes problematic for Magery 0, at least if you ever want to use magical items). For example, you could have a setting with unmodified Magery 0 but each additional level is Magery (Nuisance Effect, Backlash, Ecstasy, Resisted by HT, -50%) [5/level]. As long as a mage refrains from drawing upon Magery above 0, they are able to cast without consequences, but they start having to resist being overwhelmed by ecstasy when they use their Magery 1+ (this also fits for settings where magic is additive). In the case of the above Magery, I would allow up to Magery 6 in a 'normal' fantasy setting, as it would offer greater temptation for the mage.
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