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Default Re: Magical Gadgets versus Magical Gear

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
For example, a staff of Teleport costs 3,000 energy (7,000 with Power 4), with translates to 120 CP worth of Signature Gear (280 CP worth of Signature Gear with Power 4). Alternatively, you could just take Warp (Can Carry Objects, Heavy, +30%; Magical, -10%; Reliable, +10, +50%; Staff, Protected, -50%) [120], and you get better functionality. Since magical gadgets have better functionality than magical gear for the same CP, I ban magical gear and just have characters purchase magical gadgets.
Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Uh-hunh. Or you could just not make your characters get everything they own or find as Signature Gear. That's an option.
Precisely. In a game in which staves of teleportation are not something you can buy, if a character suddenly decides he wants a staff of teleportation, he's got to enchant a staff with mana. This isn't Signature Gear; this is a staff he wants.

The only way you can use Signature Gear is if a staff of teleportation is part of your personal legend. When people think of you, they recall your staff of teleportation prominently. It's not just any piece of equipment.

What you seem to be doing is using Signature Gear for any magic item a character wants, so that you can calculate a point break. This should not be allowed. In general, a magic item should not be Signature Gear unless the player can justify it as part of their personal legend. If a player just wants the magic item, he can enchant one or have it enchanted.
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