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IQ 14 Phase (T) Cast on the wizard or another, the subject of this spell begins to blink into and out of phase. He is seen as a dim outline only when he is out of phase. Physical attacks against him, by any means, are made more difficult. The "to hit" roll is made normally, on 3D6, if the attack hits, roll 2D6. If the die roll is 2-5, normal damage, 6-8 half damage, 9-12 no damage. Armor and shields do protect. This also applies to the subject's attacks, he is not in control of his blinks. Spell use by the subject is normal. Thrown spells are still effective against him, but physical effects of spells use a 2D6 roll to see if they effect him. (ie, he runs through a fire hex. 2D6 roll, 2-5 2 hits, 6-8 1 hit, 9-12 no damage.) ST cost to cast is 3 plus 1 per turn to maintain.
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