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Default Re: Darkness, visibility and to hit penalties

I'll take a stab at this, though I have no particular rules expertise.

Originally Posted by lachimba View Post
Darkness is cast over a group of PCs. It only covers their hexes (or perhaps one additional) The opponent is not in Darkness and has no other vision penalties. What is the penalty for the opponent to hit in with a melee weapon?
Based on the rules on Exploits, p. 36, I would go with -6 on the first attack and then -4 once they have identified a hex with a PC in it. If the PC leaves the hex, the reduced penalty is moot (automatic miss) and the penalty returns to -6 until they correctly identify an occupied hex.

The -10 penalty would be reserved for situations where the attacker cannot see anything at all.

What is the penalty for the PCs to hit out?
No penalty for attacking out of the darkness because they can see out just fine. (And no defense penalty for the target, according to Exploits, p. 47, because they can see the weapon coming.)

If there is a high vision penalty outside the darkness is the to hit penalty the higher of this or the normal penalty? Eg vision penalty -9 trumps a -4 or -6?
I would generally rule it as the special penalty or the vision penalty, whichever is worse. So, yeah, -9 trumps -4 or -6. I might make an exception under an unusual circumstance, like the party is in -9 darkness and attacking a stationary statue or something like that. I might drop that back to -4.

Are the melee to hit rolls capped at 9?
I don't think so.
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