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Thaumatology has "Material Magic" (starting on p95), where the materials themselves -- in this case, holly, mistletoe, and no doubt other things -- have magical virtue released to cast spells. There are some example systems for spells appropriate for different types of wood and gems.

There's also the Magical Modifiers in Appendix A (p242-253). These include traditional materials, the decanic modifiers for astrology -- which also contain typical materials for each decan, so it's easy enough to ignore the astrology part and just use the materials -- as well as some summaries for Chinese elements, trigrams, or the Hebrew alphabet. It's really more a matter of just picking the ones you think give your magic that druidical feel and ignoring the rest as irrelevant.

Any detailed material component system has a record-keeping burden. The player will need a page of all these different mats, checking them off and constantly shopping or searching to replace them. If that's what you want in your game, great. If you find that gets to much in the way of the action, or you and/or your players really don't care in play about the difference between a sprig of mistletoe and an oaken twig, then just leave it as narrative color and settle for some more abstract measure of spells-worth of mats, or a cash figure.
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