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Default Re: Limiting the Skill Bonus from Magery

Originally Posted by VIVIT View Post
Tell me, SJGF: am I worrying too much?
I think you may be. The calculation is simple and fairly elegant but I don't feel you're getting a lot of meat for those potatoes. With few exceptions the adjustment would lower spell levels by a point or two which isn't much of a change for rolls against spells that usually run in the 15-25 range. But it does shuffle around assumptions about what the average spell level in the game would be, things that mana and casting time reduction, or non-touch range is based off of. Ultimately I see this as just something that would prompt Magic users to buy more levels of Magical Aptitude so you end up with a point-tax on magic users and it gives you higher levels on spells that are often only taken as prerequisites for more impactful spells.
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