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Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
This will be the biggest divide between groups (and even official products, if Tollenkar's Lair is any indication): do you follow the official experience rules and therefore have a setting where normal humanoids generally have stat totals in the 28-40 range, or do you follow old practices and let the upper end of the range drift up to 60 or so. Your answer to that will have a huge impact on what your campaign is like, how fights work, etc. I don't have an opinion about which is best (well, that isn't entirely true because I prefer the new one), but clearly it won't be possible to move back and forth between groups or materials that take alternate views on this. This is why I find it so odd that TL presents a bunch of NPCs that blow the doors off the stat totals PCs can reach.
I agree. And while I also think 60 points is probably higher than should be reasonably possible for a player character to achieve, a top end from 45 to 51 points should absolutely be viable. As written, however, the current advancement rules are a serious barrier to this level of play.
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