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Default Sword and Planet Sandbox Setting

Hi all,

COVID let me have a lot more time than usual and I finally finished a reworking of the TFT setting of my long-lost childhood. It was really fun to revisit it and to play in it again. It's a Sword and Planet setting - humans struggle with Isotoperans and Reptoids amid the ruins of a post-human civilization. (All to the tune of Blue Oyster Cult).

I found the notes for it (about 20 handwritten sheets with drawings and scribbles and lots of declining ST notes) that we accumulated over two years in a box in my parent's attic when I was helping them clear it out. I've been an OSR person for a few years and a friend of mine who did a hack of Chainmail urged me to write it up. It has an OSR feel - it's full of anachronism and content is really colored by the 1970's movies and books that we all loved back then.

Honestly, I spent way too much time updating it (and bugging my friends to do some art). Humbly offering it here for comment and review. I'd really love feedback. Not looking to publish it, but might try and find a place to offer it for free.

Anyway here is my draft:

Also, in case Sword and Planet is not familiar:

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