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Default Re: table make why does random hit location hitting left side more likely?

Originally Posted by edk926 View Post
Which leads to a question, as a left-handed person myself, would I be at any advantage or disadvantage vs the right handed? We would be mirror images of each other instead of a typical right vs right fight.
Sports statistics show that an average left-hander does better than an average right-hander in sports where players face-off (Baseball, Boxing, Basketball) but not in sports where players take turns (Golf, darts). This can be directly attributed to the left-hander breaking the expectations of the other players who are used to facing off against right-handers.

However, I'm not sure this would show up statistically at the granularity of GURPS, and if it did it would cost points - points you can just spend on skills, attributes, or talents to get the desired effect.

OTOH there are some situations where a leftie could eke out an effective bonus - for instance many real world defensive fortifications are built in such a way as to favor a right-handed defender, with posts, corners, and walls designed to hinder a right handed attacker from attacking. This is more about avoiding penalties for tight spaces than about gaining a bonus though.
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