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Jim Kane
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Default Re: Who will replace the Hymenopterans?

I cannot recall, from when we had this discussion in the past, who proposed simply renaming the various types of "bugs" as: The Antmen, The Waspmen, The Spidermen (no jokes, please LOL!), The ____men. etc; and I apologize to whomever it was for not being able to recall who you are. I thought their solution was simple, effective, and brilliant at filling the need, making use of the content, and adroitly sidestepping any potential (real or imagined) intellectual property issues.

I do recall commenting at that time, how good I thought their "fix" was, and that so much of the *very* early science-fiction which I used to enjoy often had some sort of Human/Insect or Human/Animal hybrid race as an antagonist force.

So, I will throw that's person's (apologies to "mystery person") idea back in the ring for consideration.

"Waspmen, and Antmen, and Scorpionmen,... oh my!!"... You're definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto.

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