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Default Re: Ordinary People: Characters [0] to [-50]

Doris the Cigarette Seller, [-2]

Doris may be a person of much greater depth and range than depicted here. This build represents only what is known or discernible from observation.

She is a person of color, but it is difficult to determine her exact ethnicity. She has an accent, but it is hard to say what it is. Her hair is unkempt, she wears a threadbare coat, her face is pockmarked from past disease or hard living, and she moves awkwardly, possibly as if one leg is shorter than the other.

Doris spends long hours year-round sitting in front of a McDonalds' restaurant in a bad neighborhood, seemingly unbothered by heat or cold, never seen to eat, and appearing somewhat like a panhandler. But she doesn't beg. She is always overly friendly to anyone who engages with her, especially customers, and even with those who don't, tossing out a friendly hello or inane comment to passersby. Doris lives in a jurisdiction where cigarettes are highly taxed and she is a business-person, selling single-cigarettes to poor and indigent smokers who cannot afford to buy full packs. Her sales margin is substantial with a unit mark-up of about 300% and business is brisk.

At sundown each day, Doris leaves her post and walks a few blocks to her car, which is an older model Cadillac, but appears well maintained. She unloads whatever stock she has left into the back seat, and in summer she will doff her threadbare coat, before driving away, presumably home whereever that is.

ST 8 [-20]
DX 9 [-20]
IQ! 9 [-10]
HT 10 [0]
Per 11 [5]
Will 11 [5]

Temperature Tolerance 2 [4]
Wholesale Supplier [1]
Reduced Consumption 1 [2]
Wealth: Comfortable [10]

Social Stigma (Illicit occupation) [-5]
Social Status -1 [-5]
Unattractive [-5]

Ingratiating [-1]
Minor Handicaps [-1]
Wears the same clothes all the time [-1]
Dislikes law enforcement [-1]

Merchant (IQ A) +1 [4]
Disguise (Specialized, IQ E) +2 [8]
Streetwise (IQ A) +2 [8]
Holdout (IQ A) +2 [8]
Urban Survival (IQ A) +2 [8]
Fast-Talk (IQ A) +1 [4]
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