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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Vassarious retreats to the corridor, trying to keep in a subtle spot out of the room where he can still observe what happens next, but also be in a position to beat a hasty retreat if needs be.
Air elemental are see-through, but not invisible. This helps them sneak, and gives Vassarious a moment to start retreating, but the emperor repeats his order: "Shoot the Wind Creature!".

There are 12 guards present: two of each soldier race, plus four humans. Half are armed with ancient weapons, half with modern. The guards spring into action around their emperor, with the ones with ancient weapons rushing to surround him.

Two of the guards open up fire, three aim their weapons, and the big bull soldier selects some setting on his grenade launcher. To be specific: One human aims their assault carbine, while the other sends a wild stream of bullets at V. The Bull-soldier has a massive grenade launcher, and he's selecting some setting on it. The bird-soldier has leapt into the air, but seems to be sighting in anyways. The snake-soldier has a heavier storm carbine, and fires away at V. The cat soldier has an assault carbine and takes a turn to aim it.

15 yards away is a -5 to hit. The number of bullets fired gives the assualt carbine +3 and the storm carbine +2. The Guard's base skills are 15 (the human) and 17 (the snake).

Two bullets hit, one from each shooter. simple dodges can negate each one. More bullets are incoming...
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