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Default Re: Realm Management in Practice - Realms and Organizations

Originally Posted by Christopher R. Rice View Post
I didn't include rules like that because it would have bogged down gameplay a lot. If you want a more capable realm give it a better Management skill or perhaps give it a new realm enhancement equivalent to Indomitable so that attempts like that don't work as well. Alternatively, If you want to take into account size differences use the rules for Trade and treat them as a modifier to bluff, threaten, etc. That might be a good optional rule for follow-ups should there be any.
I've mostly been thinking about matters in light of the recent discussion on ACOUP of history and specifically how Europa Universalis IV relates to historical theory. He notes that the state of "international anarchy" pushes polities to maximize growth simply to counter the growth of other polities, though in considering it from another perspective I suppose that's already covered in The Wheel by incorporating Mass Combat. But, on the third hand (and I know this wasn't a priority in RM), I wonder what would be the best way to handle Organizations from Boardroom and Curia in The Wheel. For sure, simply working with skill levels is important (certainly it's possible that Minitech might have a superior security team due to having a genius in charge, especially as we move away from gritty toward story and cinematic focused play, and so be able to easily handle the more by-the-book forces of General Overall Development Corp), though I could also see incorporating a modifier based on relative Realm Size equivalent (100x organizational income equals +6, or whatever conversion; I might limit such bonuses to +6, or maybe +8 or +10, since even in a gritty setting money only takes you so far). Scaling the Resource Points might also be useful, especially when it's covering maneuvers by corporations on the Stock Market or whatever, and absolutely for Trade maneuvers.

Anyway, just thinking out loud I suppose. I'm also reading Mailanka's "Orphan of the Stars" series for ideas and ways to think about matter.
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