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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC

And this is the second half of that list...

Healing Spells:
Lend Strength                Lend Health                  Recover Strength             
Awaken                       Minor Healing                Major Healing                
Sterilize                    Suspended  Animation         Cure Disease                 
Restoration                  Instant Restoration          Regeneration                 
Instant Regeneration         Halt Aging                   Youth                        

Necromancy Spells:
Death Vision                 Summon Spirit                Zombie                       
Control Zombie               Turn Zombie                  Resurrection                 
Animation                    Skull-Spirit                 Soul Jar                     
Steal Strength               Steal Health                 Age                          
Steal Youth                  Pestilence                   Summon Demon                 

Mind Control Spells:
Fear                         Bravery                      Foolishness                  
Drunkenness                  Sickness                     Forgetfulness                
Permanent Forgetfulness      Daze                         Mass Daze                    
Sleep                        Mass Sleep                   Madness                      
Loyalty                      Charm                        Enslave                      
Wisdom                       Emotion Control              Lesser Geas                  
Great Geas                   Keen  Eyes                   Keen Ears                    
Keen Nose                    Alertness                    Rear Vision                  

Knowledge Spells:
Detect Magic                 Aura                         Seeker                       
Trace                        History                      Divination                   
See Secrets                  Wizard Eye                   Invisible Wizard Eye         
Mage Sight                   Mage Sense                   Analyze Magic                
Earth Vision                 Glass Wall                   Far-Hearing                  

Animal Spells:
Beast Soother                Beast Summoning              Insect Control               
Fish Control                 Reptile Control              Bird Control                 
Mammal Control               Rider                        Rider Within                 
Beast Possession             Beast Speech                 Shapeshifting                
Shapeshift Others                                                                      

Food Spells:
Test Food                    Preserve Food                Seek Food                    
Decay                        Purify Food                  Poison Food                  
Cook                         Create Food                  Banquet                      
Monk’s Banquet                                                                         

Movement Spells:
Haste                        Great Haste                  Apportation                  
Locksmith                    Lockmaster                   Air-Golem                    
Levitation                   Flight                       Hawk Flight                  
Teleport                     Teleport Other               Winged Knife                 

Body Control Spells:
Itch                         Spasm                        Pain                         
Clumsiness                   Dexterity                    Climbing                     
Strike Blind                 Strike Deaf                  Strike Dumb                  
Curse-Missle                 Paralyze Limb                Total Paralysis              
Wither Limb                  Deathtouch                   Fatigue                      
Hinder                       Rooted Feet                  Tanglefoot                   
Resist Pain                                                                            

Meta Spells Spells:
Link                         Spellbreak                   Conceal Magic                
Scryguard                    Scrywall                     Magic Resistance             
Spell Shield                 Counterspell                 Dispel Magic                 
Ward                         Great Ward                   Pentagram                    
Bless                        Curse                        Remove Curse                 
Drain Mana                   Restore Mana                                              

Enchantment Spells:
Enchant                      Scroll                       Suspend Enchantment          
Power                        Hex                          Lesser Wish                  
Great Wish                   Golem                                                     

Weapon Enchantments Spells:
Accuracy                     Puissance                    Quick-Draw                   
Dancing Weapon               Loyal Sword                  Cornucopia                   

Armor Enchantments Spells:
Fortify                      Deflect                      Lighten                      

Limiting Enchantments Spells:
Password                     Limit                        Link                         

Wizardly Tools Spells:
Staff                        Powerstone                   Crystal Ball

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