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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Daymar is able to duck into the bathroom and forces himself to throw up. There are a few other people in the room, but not many at the moment.

On his way back, he doesn't get off on his barracks floor, but continues down an extra few levels to floor 18, with the drive space grav plates and atmosphere tanks. Sabotaging the grav plates will require tools to open a hatch, and then something big and heavy to throw in it. He can wreck an area of gravity at least 60 by 60, and with some skill and luck may be able to wreck either the fore or aft ship's gravity.

He gets back to his mess hall to where Pothi is still eating and joking, looking sick, just as expected. Pothi asks him if he feels better.

at lunch, he'll have gone 18 hours without the psi-supressors. He and Pothi have a lot of work to do this morning getting the ship ready to launch.
If it's okay, I'd like to jump back to this pre-launch sequence to see whether Day can purge himself of psi-suppressors.

Satisfied that he can disable the grav plates if needed, Day heads back to the mess and slumps down next to Pothi. "Yeah, feeling a bit better, something here must have disagreed with me."

Since there is so much to do to get the ship ready to launch, Day will beg off going to the mess hall at lunch, saying he'd rather check everything and get this done. Has he started to get any of his powers back?
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