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Thanks Varyon and Phantasm for the useful answers. I think I have my Ravenloft lich build.

Possession at +0%, with the inverse mechanic that it can only possess corpses (or active undead at a successful Will roll - meaning it usually wins against Zombies but things like Vampires might be a bit more challenging). Then a +40% for Ranged (and RAW even specifies Possession as an appropriate use).

This means the lich can leap from corpse to corpse without having to trigger a Reincarnation by "dying". It also means that you don't have to create a new form with entirely new abilities, the way you would with Reincarnation.

Reincarnation seems to be a good defense against adventurers if they get a lucky encounter against you and do you in. Whereas Ranged Possession seems to be a wholly applicable combat use - to disorient and confuse your foes and allow you to continue striking from different bodies.
From the descriptions of how a corpse-hopping lich functions, I'd be strongly inclined to build the lich as the phylactery, and add Telecontrol +50% so you don't die if the corpse you currently inhabit is destroyed (bonus, you no longer need Unkillable 2/3; Unkillable 1 is only appropriate if total destruction of the phylactery is necessary to stop you). The mention of how inactive corpses can be inhabited without a contest sounds an awful lot like Puppet, so it may be appropriate to purchase the [10] level of Puppet, but without the necessary Ally Group to go with it (as you don't get the benefit of having an actual Ally Group, just of being able to readily inhabit bodies). Alternatively, this would mean "Undead Only" should be an Enhancement of some flavor for Possession, rather than +0%.
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