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Considering Karla of Record of Lodoss War (which is a Dungeons & Dragons "replay") who is an "old-school lich whose phylactery is a head ornament" can take over living hosts you really don't need an inverse Possession for the undead when a modified version of reincarnation fits the bill.
"Karla is an old-school lich" doesn't really follow, seeing as her abilities seem much more akin to someone who has used the Magic Jar spell (as noted in the TVTropes entry you're quoting here). And, of course, SolemnGolem is explicitly trying to create a corpse-hopping lich, not one who can possess both the living and the dead (and I don't recall Karla ever possessing a dead body; in GURPS she'd probably be built as the circlet, with Flight and Possession with a lesser version of Telecontrol).

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These can totally mess up the lich's ability to cast spells as its total FP will change.
It's probably going to be up to the GM if the extra FP the player purchased for the sole purpose of spellcasting is something that carries over to the new body; I can see arguments for and against. Of course, if the original character had a really high HT, certainly at least those FP would be lost. This is an excellent case for a body-hopping lich (or any body-hopping spellcaster, really) to invest in ER rather than FP; ER are more likely to be bound to the "soul" in some way, so make sense to transfer over.
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