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Default Re: Different Liches [Magic/Horror]

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
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Right, very good.

So, what if we created an inverse Possession, suitable for an undead splatbook, and made it so that an undead user could possess undead individuals or a corpses? What would be a fair point adjustment for that advantage?
I might call it a +0% adjustment, personally. In any given setting where liches are known or suspected to exist, the number of corpses available in some form tends to even out with the number of living folks suitable for possession.
Considering Karla of Record of Lodoss War (which is a Dungeons & Dragons "replay") who is an "old-school lich whose phylactery is a head ornament" can take over living hosts you really don't need an inverse Possession for the undead when a modified version of reincarnation fits the bill.

Also Possession has one other issue:

*"To possess a new host, you must concentrate for one second and physically touch him." The D&D lich only needed a corpse to being in 60 foot radius of its phylactery. So you are going to have to throw in the Ranged enhancement

Both Possession and Reincarnation have these issues:

*"You gain your new host’s ST, DX, and HT (and secondary characteristics calculated from these scores), as well as his physical advantages and disadvantages." (yes reincarnation has thi
*"Skills are a special case. Your IQ-, Perception-, and Will-based skills are unchanged. Other skills remain at the same relative skill level."

These can totally mess up the lich's ability to cast spells as its total FP will change.
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