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Default Disarming in technical grappling

Hi forum! It s me again with another technical question. This time, about disarming technique in the technical grappling.
So, under the "gimme that" paragraph, is written that you need to use "break free" to reduce the grip on your opponent s weapon. So, in order to disarm, you have to attack the weapon (with the penalty of the weapon s "bulk"), then, if your opponent fails to defend, try a break free technique and reduce the CP on the weapon itself. I guess in this case, you are considered grappled.

If you decide to do a instant disarm, you hit the weapon of your foe (attacking weapon or, if parried previous round, attacking with no penalty) and if he fails to defend, roll a quick contest of ST trained Vs retain weapon and see what happens. This means you are not considered "grappled". It a just a fast attack.

So, you chose the second one for sudden disarm, like in a duel. The first one, in a "wrestling" oriented scenario.

Now, if I want to disarm my opponent with my weapon, I have to chose the second way I suppose. If my PC, armed with spear and shield, wants to open the defense of his opponent, "disarming" his shield (to negate the block defense) with his own shield, I say he has to:
1)hit with the shield is opponent shield. He will roll against "shield" - 4
2)opponent will try to defense. Let suppose he fails.
3) quick contest to see what happens. Now, my pc will use disarm and the opponent, retain weapon. Is it right? What about trained ST? Should I use my ST trained by slow progression of shield or disarming skills?
4) profit?

I said shield because, if is possible to do this, I still have my spear to attack him. And the foe can only dodge or parry, but was the same if the pc tried to disarm with the spear.

Hope it s not too confusing. And, as always, really thanks for answers! Regards!
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