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I think it's clear Ardoniraine is distant enough from Elyntia that they aren't involved with each other. At least, not directly enough that GM's can't consistently run them that way.

Which is convenient for GMs who would like to add them independently to their own worlds, or their own versions of one or the other. (Or who have already done so.)

Several of the new adventures mention connections to Elyntia, but I think so far they all only really do so superficially, so that those are just suggestions of how a GM might arrange them, but there's no real impact on the logic or details if they were added to another campaign, or connected/placed to Elyntia in a different way.

Since many new GMs may tend to use either Death Test or Elynita as a starting point and add their own details (and some have even developed their own extensive campaign details all around them), it seems to me like a feature to have them not be linked, at least not in a way that can't be switched around without affecting the logic of them.
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