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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC

Originally Posted by hal View Post
My wife (a gamer since 1986) cut her teeth on GURPS. She doesn't read books, but she STOLE my GURPS MAGIC 2nd edition and read it front to back because she loved how creative spell casting was. Conversely, she dropped D&D because it lacked the flavor that GURPS allows entirely.
I loved GURPS Magic so much I even wrote guidelines on how to use it in D&D. I have continued to update and expand those guidelines as I consider the various GURPS magic systems far more flexible and while not as powerful in terms of raw damage even the standard system is insanely powerful from a cultural point of view.
Help make a digital reference for GURPS by coming to the GURPS wiki and provide some information and links. Please, provide more then just a title and a page number.
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