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Default Re: GURPS Forum Abbreviations: help the newbies?

Now edited to include the ones everyone else has put down.

General Forum
OP, Original Post
IIRC, If I recall correctly
IMO/IMHO, In my opinion/In my humble opinion
BTW, By the way
FYI, For your information
JW, Just wondering
QQ, Quick Question
TbH, To be honest
Rofl, Rolling on the floor laughing
Wtf, What the f***
Lol, Laugh out loud
LMAO, Laughing my ass off
SF, Science Fiction
IDHMBWM, I don't have my books with me
KFFBJ, Kung Fu Fire Breathing Jesus
AFAIK, As Far As I Know
BSEG, big s*** eatin' grin
EG, evil grin
FTF, Face to Face
GMTA, Great Minds Think Alike
IG, innocent grin
JK, Just Kidding
KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid
NBD, No Big Deal
POV, Point of View
PTB, Powers that Be
SOL, S*** Out of Luck
YMMV, Your Mileage May Vary
IOW, In other words

GURPS or RPG Specific
OPH, Odius Personal Habit
DWA, Dual-Weapon Attack
AD, Ambidexterity (rarely used)
OHWT (normally just OWT), Off-Hand Weapon Training
ATR, Altered Time Rate
CM, Compartmentalized Mind
EA, Extra Attack (could also be Extra Arms, but rarely)
RS, Rapid Strike (rarely used)
DR, Damage Resistance
EM, Enhanced Move
HtK, Hard to Kill
HtS, Hard to Subdue
IT, Injury Tolerance (normally followed by a denomination, i.e. IT: Homogenous)
IT: DR, Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction (not to be confused with normal DR)
IA, Innate Attack
MR, Magic Resistance (very rarely used)
MA, Modular Abilities (rarely used)
SG, Signature Gear (also written Sig. Gear or just Sig.)
TT, Temperature Tolerance (rarely used)
UB, Unusual Background
AE, Area Effect (an enhancement)
RoF, Rate of Fire
AD, Armour Divisor
MA, Martial Arts (referring to the book normally) or Melee Attack
TD, Temporary Disadvantage
CB, Compulsive Behaviour
DTR, Decreased Time Rate (very rarely used)
SoD, Sense of Duty
PMW, Parry Missile Weapons
WA, Whirlwind Attack (rarely used)
ETS, Enhanced Time Sense
AoA, All-out Attack
AoD, All-out Defense
CR, Combat Reflexes or Control Rating
TBM/TBaM, Trained by a Master
WM, Weapon Master
LoS, Line of Sight
MoS, Margin of Success
HPT, High Pain Threshold
LPT, Low Pain Threshold
RAW, Rules as Written
HR, House Rule(s); to: 1) fit a hole in the RAW with a self-made solution. 2) modifying anything because you feel it's broke. 3) inventing something totally new, but adherent with the RAW (eg. a new spell).
HTH, Hand To Hand
SS, Social Stigma or (for 3e) Snapshot
Mook, Nameless NPC thats there to be killed, or avoided if you're feeling kind
Kromm, God - listen and obey
Munchkin, power gamer/min maxer; a player who abuses loopholes or semi-loopholes in the rules to make a character that is overpowered for what the original campaign designed (for instance)
GURPSize, to: convert something from another system (or from the real world) to GURPS
AF, Alternate Form (rarely used)
ItMH, Immunity to Metabolic Hazards

Will edit with others when I or others think of them.
I'm sorry im suffering from Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia at the moment

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