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Default GURPS Forum Abbreviations

The GURPS forum is filled with many terms and abbreviations that aren't obvious for a typical newcomer. Thus, we decided to help by listing the most common ones. By the way, do not hesitate to comment on the list, i.e. is it useful, what should be changed etc.

AFAIK = As Far As I Know
BTW = By the way
EG = evil grin
frex = for example
FTF = Face to Face
FWIW = For What It's Worth
FYI = For your information
GEV = Ground Effect Vehicle
GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
IANSOP = I Am Not Sean Or Peter
IASOP = I Ain't Sean Or Peter
IDHMBWM = I don't have my books with me
IG = innocent grin
IHNIWYATA = I have no idea what you are talking about
IIRC = If I recall correctly
IME = in my experience
IMHO = In my humble opinion
IMLE = in my limited experience
IMNSHO = In my not-so-humble opinion
IMO = In my opinion
IOW = In other words
ISTR = I seem to recall/remember
JK = Just Kidding
JW = Just wondering
KFFBJ = Kung Fu Fire Breathing Jesus
KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid
LMAO = Laughing my ass off
LOL = Laugh out loud
MHLF = May He Live Forever
MIBRS = May It Be Released Soon
NBD = No Big Deal
NOE = Nap of the Earth [flight]
NPOV = Neutral Point of View (Wikipedia term)
OMG = Oh My God[des][s]
OP = Original Post(er)
POD = Print on Demand
POV = Point of View
TPTB = PTB = [the] Powers that Be
QFT = Quoted For Truth
QQ = Quick Question
ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
RPK = Rev. Pee Kitty
RPM = Ritual Path Magic (MH)
RTFM = Read the Fine Manual
SF = SciFi = Science Fiction
TANSTAAFL = There ain't such thing as a free lunch. When used in GURPS discussions, singnifies the opposition to gaining advantages (with no drawbacks) at zero cost.
TbH = To be honest
TMBW = They Might Be Watching!
TTBOMK = To the best of my knowledge
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary
WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

GURPS-Specific or RPG-Specific
3DSS = 3D Spatial Sense. See B34.
AD = Ambidexterity (rarely used), See B39. OR Armour Divisor. See B378. OR Active Defense.
AE = Area Effect (an enhancement). See B102.
AF = Alternate Form (rarely used). See B83.
AoA = All-out Attack. See B54, 324, 365, 385, 371 and FAQ.
AoD = All-out Defense. See B324, 366, 385.
ATR = Altered Time Rate. See B39.
CB = Compulsive Behaviour.
CF = Cultural Familiarity or Cost Factor, depending on context.
CM = Compartmentalized Mind. See B43.
CP = officially: Control Points; unofficially: Character Points; rarely: Cyberpunk.
CR = Combat Reflexes (see B43) or Control Rating (see B506 and also LC).
DF = Dungeon Fantasy
DM = Digital Mind (see B48). What did you think? Dungeon Mind? Digital Mastery? ;)
DR = Damage Resistance. See B46.
DTR = Decreased Time Rate (very rarely used).
DWA = Dual-Weapon Attack.
EA = Extra Attack (could also be Extra Arms, but rarely). See B53.
EM = Enhanced Move. See B52.
ER = Energy Reserve.
ETS = Enhanced Time Sense. See B52.
FLGS = Friendly Local Game Store
F:U = Fragile: Unnatural, a Disadvantage. See B135-136.
G4e = GURPS Fourth Edition It's the e that prevents the confusion.
G7e = G7e/T2, G7e/T3, and G7e/T4 Falke. See WWII. Not to be confused with some precognitive scripture...
GCA - GURPS Character Assisstant
GCB - GURPS Character Builder
GMHTFS = GM Has the Final Say!
GVB - GURPS Vehicle Builder
HPT = High Pain Threshold. See B59.
HR = House Rule(s); to: 1) fit a hole in the RAW with a self-made solution. 2) modifying anything because you feel it's broke. 3) inventing something totally new, but adherent with the RAW (eg. a new spell).
HtH = Hand To Hand. See Mle.
HtK = Hard to Kill. See B58.
HtS = Hard to Subdue. See B59.
IA = Innate Attack. See B51.
IANYGM = I am not your GM.
ICWIC = It Costs What It Costs; a 4e philosophy that discourages 'package deals' in trait pricing
IMC = In My Campaign
IMG = in my game
IMTU = in my Traveller Universe
IMU = in my universe
IOU = Illuminati Fnord University
IMY = In my Yrth ( Kromm).
IRL = In Real Life; frequently a reference to a reality-check.
IT = Injury Tolerance (normally followed by a denomination, i.e. IT: Homogenous). See B60 and Powers, p.52.
IT: DR = Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction (not to be confused with normal DR). See Powers, p.52.
ItMH = Immunity to Metabolic Hazards, a specific case of Resistant. See B80.
KN = Krommnotes
KODT = KotDT = Knights of the Dinner Table
KQ = Krommquote(s)
KYOS = Know Your Own Strength (Pyramid #3-83)
LC = Legality Class. See B267, 270, 507.
LoS = Line of Sight
LPT = Low Pain Threshold.
MA = Martial Arts (referring to the book normally), Melee Attack, or Modular Abilities (rarely used), depending on context. For Modular Abilities, see B71.
MGPG = (the) Munchkin's Guide (to) Power Gaming.
MoS = Margin of Success
MR = Magic Resistance (very rarely used). See B67.
MT = Meta-Trait/MetaTrait.
MtM = Man to Man.
NDRR = No Die Roll Required, a version of the Cosmic Enhancement (Powers, p.101).
NPC = Non-Player Character.
OCYGMHTFS = Of course, your GM has the final say.
OGL = Open Gaming Licence
OHWT = OWT = Off-Hand Weapon Training.
OPH = Odious Personal Habit.
PBEM = Play (or Played) By E-Mail
PC = Player Character.
PK = Psychokinesis
PMW = Parry Missile Weapons.
RAP = Rules as Published; GURPS rules without unpublished rulings.
RAW = Rules as Written [priceless]; rules from published and upcoming GURPS books.
RAI = Rules as Intended or as Interpreted.
RLS = Racially Learned Skill.
RoF = Rate of Fire. See B270, 373. Also see Rapid Fire, B373, 408.
RP = Roleplaying or Radiation Threshold Points (After the End).
RPM = Ritual Path Magic (MH).
RS = Rapid Strike. See B54, 93, 370.
RSB = Racial Skill Bonus [2].
RWW = Relative Weapon Weight. See MA 4e.
SCR = Self Control Roll
SCSI eGURPS = Self-Consistent Style-Independent Equitably Generic Universal Roleplaying System.
SG = Signature Gear (also written Sig. Gear or just Sig.)
SSRT = SRT = Size and Speed/Range Table.
SoD = Sense of Duty. Rarely: Suspension of Disbelief.
SS = Social Stigma or (for 3e) Snapshot.
TBB = Tight-beam burning.
TBM = TBaM = Trained by a Master.
TD = Temporary Disadvantage.
TDM = Task Difficulty Modifier
TK = Telekinesis
TL = technology level, tech level. See B267, 291, 22, 99, 511-512 and others.
tMGtPG = the Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming.
TPK = Total Party Kill (a case when all PCs die).
TT = Temperature Tolerance (rarely used).
TTRPG = Tabletop RPG, as opposed to a computer game
TTYGM = Talk to your GM
TTYGMATNU = Talk to your GM about that, not us
UB = UBG = Unusual Background.
WA = Whirlwind Attack (rarely used).
WM = Weapon Master.
WWII = A series of books about a war that was waged from 1939 until 1945 in Homeline.

Mook = Nameless NPC thats there to be killed, or avoided if you're feeling kind
Kromm = God - listen and obey (JK GURPS Line Editor)
Munchkin = a player who abuses loopholes or semi-loopholes in the rules to make a character that is overpowered for what the original campaign designed (,
GURPSize = to GURPSize = convert something from another system (or from the real world) to GURPS
GURPSologist = a person that studies and/or researches GURPS (mostly by playing and reading books)

GURPS Attributes, Sub-Attributes and Attribute Elements
DX = Dexterity
DX! = DX increase by 1 combined with a .25 decrease of Basic Speed.
FP = Fatigue Points (i.e. endurance)
HP = Hit Points
HT = Health; High-Tech (book)
HT! = HT increase + FP decrease + BS decrease.
IQ = Intelligence (not just real-world IQ, but also experience, wisdom etc.)
IQ! = A level of IQ combined with one negative level of both Per and Will.
Per = Perception.
ST = Strength
ST! = (rare) ST increase + HP decrease
Will = Willpower

UT Ammo types by Diagoro and Pulver
CL- caseless long
CLP- caseless long pistol
CLR- caseless long rifle
PC- plastic-cased (for shotgun-style ammo)
PLB- pre-loaded barrel
G- grenade (note that Portable Rail Gun (p141/142, and the ammunition table p143) is listed incorrectly as 10mmG, where it should be just 10mm).
N- needler (that was an easy one)
T- tangler

Books (all but first unofficial in 4e)
B = Basic Set 4th Edition
BIO = Bio-Tech
BS = Banestorm
DFA = DF1 = Dungeon Fantasy: Adventurers
DFD = DF2 = Dungeon Fantasy: Dungeons
DFTNL = DF3 = Dungeon Fantasy: The Next Level
DR = Dragons
F = Fantasy
GLAD = Gladiators
HT = High-Tech
ISW = T:IW = Traveller: Interstellar Wars
IW = Infinite Worlds
L = Lite 4th Edition
LoT = Lands Out of Time
LT = CCoI = Cabaret Chicks on Ice (properly known as Low-Tech)
LTC = Low-Tech Companion (same format as SS)
M = Magic
MA = Martial Arts
MC = Mass Combat
MH = Monster Hunters
MY = Mysteries
P = Powers, although may also mean Psionics
PU = Power-Ups series
S = Space
SS = Spaceships (often denoted SS2-17 = Spaceships 2, page 17)
SU = Supers
SVN = SIV = Seals in Viet Nam
TG = Technical Grappling
THM = Thaumatology
THS = Transhuman Space
TS = Officially Transhuman Space, but sometimes used for Tactical Shooting
TS:CT = Transhuman Space: Changing Times
TSh = Tactical Shooting
UT = Ultra-Tech
VDS = Vehicle Design System


See the Thanks listing.
Vicky 'Molokh', GURPS FAQ and uFAQ Keeper

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