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Default Re: How to Be a GURPS GM: Managing Expectations

Originally Posted by corwyn View Post

Of course, the potential players who need to see this the most will never read this because they have dismissed GURPS as a realiaty simulator.
Unfortunately true, at at least to some extent. It's a bizarre world that I live in as GURPS Line Editor:

GURPS players are so few in number that the game is all but on life support. The rare few who play it are extraordinarily vocal about both their preference for highly complex simulations and their frustration with the lack of certain content, notably GURPS Vehicle Design. The fact that they are so vocal leads them to believe that they're many times more numerous than they are, while what they're vocal about is precisely what drives away potential new players whose adoption of GURPS might build up the player base to the point where SJ games would deem the "missing" content worth considering.

The counterintuitive-but-incontrovertible truth is that the aggressive domination of GURPS discussions by diehard simulationists is the single biggest factor sealing the fate of the very content those interlocutors crave, while if they were to shelve that talk in public forums for a few years, they'd end up getting more of what they want in the long term.
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