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Default Re: How to Be a GURPS GM: Managing Expectations

Originally Posted by Donny Brook View Post
First, many gamers want to play realistic games.

Second, even cinematic and fantastical games rely on a backbone of realism to cover matters that are not specifically altered by the fantabulism of the setting.
The relatively massive success of a certain other game system seems to suggest otherwise for the tabletop RPG subset of games.

What the majority of TTRPG players seemingly want is plausible games and worlds, not realistic/simulated games and worlds.

And while wargamers tend to seek more simulated realism they still prefer to keep the rules in check so the game flows, instead of having to break out an excel spreadsheet to figure out where a shot landed. That's at least what I've gathered from all the wargamers I've talked to and/or observed live and online.

As a general rule, when simulation and fun are at odds most players pick fun.
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