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Originally Posted by Steve Plambeck View Post
By "liberalize" the Mana Staff spell, it would have to move down to IQ 8, replacing the original Staff spell altogether, if the intent was to benefit starting wizards. I'd let the storage limit be the wizard's full IQ from the start, and it would be raised a point then whenever IQ increased 1 point later. (This whole "tax-shelter" treatment of XP seems a little gamey to me!). And I'd simplify the recharge to 1:1. If a 12 mana Staff was empty, the wizard could put 12 ST into it at the rate of 1 per 15 minutes, the same rate as she'd be recovering her fatigue. So 3 hours later the Staff would be recharged, and the wizard would still be at the ST she had when she started recharging (no net gain over whatever fatigue she had to start). You'd never recharge it during combat, nor when you were in a hurry to get your own ST back up, and you wouldn't always get the chance to do so depending on the campaign game. One might allow that the wizard could sleep with the Staff in hand, recharging it as she dreamed, but again she wouldn't be recovering any of her own fatigue until the Staff finished drawing on her.
I like the idea of "liberalising" the Manastaff, but I have a different idea for how to go about it. One that's a little less powerful than yours. I would have all Staffs be Manastaff, and rechargable at a 1:1 ST:MANA rate. But I would make the maximum mana capacity of the staff equal to your IQ/(5-StaffLVL) rounded down. This would mean that a level one staff would have a maximum capacity of one quarter of your IQ. Staff level 5 would override this rule and set your Staff's mana capacity to 2IQ.
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