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I love TFT, mainly for one thing; The need for all three stats, no matter what character you want to make. And there are viable options with all stats high or low. I truly hate systems that have one stat per class or archetype. IF that is the case why have stats at all? If we let wizards cast off of IQ for mana, why not let them roll vs IQ to hit? If we did we would limit most starting Wizards to IQ 14+ and most would probably be 8/8/16 or 9/8/15. Incredibly boring.

But, that said I do like the idea of specializing in a few spells or just one spell and have others as back up. My suggestion would be that you should be able to pick a spell at the current IQ level +2 a second time and then again at IQ+3. Savant and Sorceror work fine as descriptors. The reason for increasing the IQ level would be that the low IQ spells would see more use, since they could be taken twice or three times. A little bit like the old descriptions that you could cast a spell below your IQ with less sound, movements, etc.

So what would the effect be of these specialized spells? To be able to cast them more often of course. It would become that wizards de facto signature spell. Extra mana pools for just those spells seems tricky to keep track off, lots of extra rules to refill the pool and so on. So why not go with lower casting cost with those spells? It would also help with the problem of battle magic in TFT. The magic systems was developed for arena fights, but in an RPG setting out side of combat you might want spells with longer durations.

So a x2 spell you can cast for 1/2 mana cost round up. If it has a cost per turn, then cut that in half round down. If the cost is less than 1 pay 1 every other turn it is on.

And an x3 spell means you cut the cost of casting it to 1/3 (2/3 of a point rounded up and 1/3 rounded down). If the cost per turn is lower than 1, pay 1 every 3 turns.

This means that you could be a Fireball Sorceror taking it trice if you have IQ15+. The cost would be 0! mana for a 1-1 fireball, 1 mana for a 2-2 fireball and 1 mana for a 3-3 fireball.

And personally, I would also allow this for spells like Gate, since the IQ needed for a triple invested Gate Sorceror would be IQ 18, which is at the level of Control Gate!

I am sure there are other spells that would skew the economy somewhat, but I have no problem with that. You could always limit the access to the IQ+2 and IQ+3 versions of the spells in some RPG way. Hard to find spells, must be taken from start since you were born with it, need to find a mystical teacher or several years of practice.

And best of all, you would still need ST as a wizard. You can just do more with what you have, but at the same time, the pay off for one more ST, if used with a signature spell, will be doubled or tripled. And in execution the effect will be similar to the OP post suggestion. If you pay with IQ points and get specialized you get more castings with that spell.
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