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Default Re: IQ to power spells

Originally Posted by warhorse11h View Post
For what its worth, I switched from RAW some time back and incorporated Mana as a stat, equal to and separate from IQ. Mana is used to power spells and recovered in two ways. 1 ST worth per hour without doing anything or 4 per hour if the wizard stops and rests, meditating, contemplation etc.
Once the wizard expended his mana, he's through casting spells unless he wants to use his ST, the use of which counts as damage that has to heal naturally, not fatigue. For those who worry about such things, it hasn't broken anything in the game so far. If it ultimately doesn't work out I can always adjust and shift fire.
Hey! I LIKE that re-charge rule better, I think! Of course I might still screw around with it a bit, but that actually seems much more in keeping with the basic TFT rules than my "time-of-day" rule was.

(I'm thinking the time-of-day thing might work better for a Swords & Sorcery low fantasy game, though...where things like that fit into the "story" better. But maybe that's just me overthinking things again!)
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