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Originally Posted by JLV View Post
My assumption matches yours -- the limits are on ALL missile spells, not just the two where it is named. However, that little discrepancy should give the "rules lawyers" an absolute field day! (I also don't really agree with that limitation personally, but that's neither here nor there...I suppose it was felt to be necessary once the Staff officially could become a mana resource. We had staffs that could store mana too, and never found it necessary, but hey, we weren't "the official rules guys" either.)
I think Shoug simply misunderstood the above. They linked 'not necessary' to the adjacent comment about storing mana because it's immediately after those words. It's an easy mistake to make. I misread it like that too at first. I can see now that you were referring back to 'the limitation' (which is a callback to 'limits', which is itself a callback to the earlier explanation of limiting wizards to 3 dice missile spells), but not everyone will see that straight off.

Also, the context is about giving people access to an additional source of spell 'ST' on top of their actual ST, and there is the suggestion above (not from JLV) that this IQ fatigue should recharge at 1 pt per 15 minutes.

So seeing you had just 'said' your players didn't need to recharge their staffs was a not-unreasonable interpretation. Sure, it wasn't correct, but I don't know it warranted reporting Shoug. This board is an international resource and not everyone is a native English speaker for a start.
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