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Default Re: IQ to power spells

Originally Posted by JLV View Post
Yeah, we originally had the Mana recharge the same way you did, but it turned the Wizards into unstoppable long-range artillery... [snip]...

Sounds like I'd enjoy playing in your campaign! I bet a lot of other people on here would as well.
Thanks much for that JLV, I'm sure I'd have enjoyed yours as well! My group built up quite a world, a single large continent, with hundreds of years of back story, languages, religions, politics, house rules and history over the 2 decades we played. I'm sure we'd never had stopped if it wasn't for the tragic and untimely real death of our founding member and primary GM. I GM'd too, but didn't have the heart to keep going after that. Now this revival has put the bug in me to start a new group, and I know some young guys that might give it a try. They do play D&D, but I fear they won't really go in as much for the tactical aspects of TFT, whereas I wouldn't really want to play without the more structured combat.

"Long-range artillery" indeed! Of course the other solution isn't to weaken the wizards, it just takes putting a cap on the (M) spells. Expected that with the Legacy Edition, but I've found an inconsistency where a 3 (or was it 5?) dice cap is now placed on Magic Fist and Fireball, but then not even mentioned under the Lightening and W. Wrath spells? I'm guessing that's just an editorial oversight.
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