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Originally Posted by Steve Plambeck View Post
Wow, so similar to the house rules my group used as well so very long ago, with the exception we allowed an individual's Mana stat (we called it MV, for Mana Valence) to recoup at the same speed as ST fatigue. We were inspired by a different source though, the Larry Niven novel "The Magic Goes Away" and its sequel, "The Magic Returns". As I toy with the idea of starting a new gaming group to play TFT again after a 23 year hiatus, I'm very tempted to try your Midnight/Noon system JLV - that's just eloquent.

Our old house rules, as they were left standing back in the day, would be far too much to lay on brand new, novice players. My original group had almost 200 pages of house rules written before ITL and Advanced Wizard came out. While I'll dump and simplify most of that in favor of just using the Legacy Edition for new players, using Mana to pay spell costs is something I'll definitely be keeping along with some related changes.
Yeah, we originally had the Mana recharge the same way you did, but it turned the Wizards into unstoppable long-range artillery that would devastate the enemy at all times, so we switched that up a bit to make it a LITTLE tougher on the Wizards! ;-)

The noon/midnight thing was something I put in there (it could have all been at the same time in reality) simply to give it more of a "magicky" feel to it! The group liked it enough to keep it, and it became standard operating procedure after that. I still like the Mana concept better than the fatigue concept, and if I ever get a face-to-face group going again (I thought I might there for a while, but it kind of fell through), I might very well go with it again.

Sounds like I'd enjoy playing in your campaign! I bet a lot of other people on here would as well.
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