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Originally Posted by Shoug View Post
I'll be sure to post it here when I get around to it. I just don't like the way TFT handles most of the non-combat talents. The combat oriented talents I find very cool, so the biggest problem solve for the marriage is going to be reconciling the Fate skills with the combat talents and primary attribute rolls of TFT.
I made a post (and a doc) on non-combat activities in TFT about a year ago, btw, Contests, Opposed Rolls, and Tasks -- Feedback, Please? it was this post that first introduced the doc.

Also, here's Resisting Fear (dump stats and 3/L, 3/M, 3/H saving throws) and Contests to change reaction roll results.

SJ eventually went the "compare margin of success" route but I much prefer Dark City Games contest rules (as I mention in my contests document).

Maybe some of the approaches in these posts will appeal to you.
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