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Originally Posted by dcarson View Post
Not a horror fan but in crime/action, the Leverage tv show. Parker the thief (one of the best in the world) is at the rear of the group as they are getting out of the building where security has been alerted. They come to a locked stairway. They turn their heads and go Parker to get her to unlock the door. She opens it from the the other side where she has somehow gotten past them and through the locked door already. Another case, Nate the leader and a temporary ally are talking in a conference room. Parker suddenly chimes in from where she is sitting on the coulter of the sink and coffee setup in the corner. She was not in the room when they went in, the windows don't open and they were facing the only door.
OK, Parker is spooky and would be a rather scary assassin if she'd been that way inclined.

Kwai Chang Caine and some of the other Masters do this sometimes in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, though I'm not sure if the Kwai Chang from the original series did that, as he was rather younger.
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