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Default Re: Ghostly Movement, Variants

This is one of my favorite advantages, it’s especially useful for NPCs!

Here are my 2 cents…

For question number 1, I think you cannot get to the other side of such wall instantly, because (supposing you are standing in the ground by the center of a 50 yards long, 1 inch wide and 100 yards tall unbreakable glass wall) you still require a “Move” of 100 yards per second in order to comply with the limitations of the advantage and instantly get exactly at the other side.

If you can break the wall, then you can instantly “ghost warp” to the other side leaving the wall untouched, but not because you can stroll around it (that still requires a “Move” of 100 yards, disregarding running and other stuff -but you could run-).

From my perspective, if they don’t see you and the wall is unbreakable, it might take you 20 seconds getting the other side, but you can ignore stuff such as doing dexterity rolls or climbing rolls, etc.

Regarding question number 2, you just need to comply with 2 requirements: being unobserved and having the skills/tools to achieve the feat. So, in combat, first you got to take complete cover or success at “hiding in plain sight” (if possible in combat*), then (if you have the skills/tools) you can declare your “ghost warp”. So, you don’t have to roll to enact the warp per se; however, you might have to roll to prevent others to see you in the first place.

And now question number 3, if you have skills/advantages that enhance your move capabilities, I might allow them in favor of the “ghost warp”.

Finally, the explanation of Ghostly Warp depends on your setting, if you allow it in your setting, suspension of disbelief is granted.

*because, for example, the basic book states “invisibility art is useless in combat”.

- Hide
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