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Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
While I never tried in in TFT, one thing I have done in other games where I didn't want to add straight out clerical magic was to make whatever "useless" trait was required for priesthood equivalent to whatever trait was used for mundane healing but without the requirement of gear (e.g. you pray over the injured and lay hands on the wound and you can get the equivalent of First Aid without needing to have any bandages on you).

It's a sufficient benefit within the theme of what players tend to expect of fantasy clerics to make it at least marginally worthwhile, without actually forcing actively interventionist gods into the setting, and adapts easily enough to some different ability should you have gods around for whom healing isn't really appropriate.
Good points. One of the DCC RPG innovations I love was Joe Goodman's insight that ALL magic is supernatural. Making a distinction between "Gods" as sources or some "magical field theory" or "mana" or whatever is arbitrary. Magic is fickle in DCC RPG, and so are the Gods & Demons the grant magical power!

re: "Useless trait", we ended up splitting out 6 attributes, one of which was a pre-req for all healing spells. It forced players to sub-specialize, and allowed us to decouple the magic system as a whole from ST.
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