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Originally Posted by Jackal View Post
All good points. But a counter-argument occurred to me this weekend.

I am in the closed Alpha test of the new version of WOW. As I was testing out the latest changes, I was bummed that there weren't enough people on to group for an instance.

And of course, in MMORPGs, a group = Holy Trintiy: tank, healer, DPS.

Thing is, there's a ton of MMORPG players. They're all used to the Holy Trinity in some form or another.

Would TFT be an easier sell if it also had the Holy Trinity?
Well, you can get the Holy Trinity in TFT with the physicker and master physicker talents. The ability to heal 3 points of damage (30% of an average human's ST) per fight is pretty nice.

A favorite in one of my campaigns was the legendary Doctor Jack. He had Physicker, Master Physicker and a number of other non-combat talents. He was mostly useless in combat. He did have the Guns talent and used an arquebus. However, it took 4 turns to set up (and the player rolled an unlikely number of misfires), so its effect was mostly negligible, with a few memorable exceptions.

A starting party could have a "healer" type like this - ST10, DX11 IQ 11; Literacy(1), Physicker (2), Shield (1), Axe/Mace (2) or Sword (2), with 5 more points of talents. (He'd get Master Physicker (3) by adding 3 points of IQ, so no talent points have to be saved up).

The 5 points of other talents could create several archetypes:

For a priest or friar - Priest (2); Charisma (2); Recognize Value (1)

For a member of a medieval fighting order: Take Sword instead of Axe/Mace. Add Horsemanship (1), Pole Weapons (2), Thrown Weapons (2) or Bow (2) or Priest (2), if particularly devoted.

For a druid-type character: Naturalist (2); Tracking (1); Woodsman (1); delete Literacy and add Animal Handler (2).

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