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Default Re: Share your settings for TFT

o.k.; what I was imagining could happen in this thread is we would share fun, inspirational snippets to encourage one another to gin up fun setting materials (as opposed to debating rules or IP law or whatever). So, in that spirit, here is a block of text from some of my old notes on my largest TFT city, explaining one of my very favorite minor NPC's tucked away in a filthy back alley...The Oracle:

"The Oracle: A mad wizard who turned himself into a gelatinous cube that telepathically communicates with those who come into his presence. Many come to him for guidance and magical influence, and he uses various spells of prognostication and mentalism to answer their questions. But his gifts come at a terrible cost: He eats only bound live creatures, and must be fed to give service. When a prospective supplicant comes to his lair and presents a question or begs some magical service, his handlers communicate with him telepathically and relay the cost he demands. This might be as simple as a dove bound in string or an insect in a small cage of woven grass, or as terrible as a perfectly formed youth or well known citizen of the city."

A block of stats, spells and talents follows, but those are mere details. I have never settled my mind about exactly why or how The Oracle transformed himself into a large blob of jelly. But he did, and that's the important point.
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