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Default Re: Naruto like campaign, beginner needs help

Originally Posted by KarlKost View Post
Blinking Fight - for a very anime take, this is an ability that you could give for free to all "ninjas" in the game. Do you that annoying blink "speed" of the guys on Dragon Ball Z?
When I ran a high-powered martial arts game, I made up a new cinematic skill, along the same lines as Power Blow, Flying Leap, etc. to represent this. Here's a writeup for that (this is not the version I used in that game, this is what I'd do now with more GURPS experience under my belt).

Lightning Speed
DX/Very Hard

Default: None.
Prerequisites: Trained By a Master or Weapon Master.

This is the ability to move at great speed in combat - sometimes even faster than the human eye can see! Every use of Lighting Speed costs 1 FP, whether or not the roll is successful.
You can roll against unmodified Lightning Speed to gain an extra Step or Retreat against a second foe in a turn. Each additional Step or Retreat after the first granted by Lightning Speed imposes a cumulative -5 penalty on Lightning Speed rolls.
You can close distance so quickly it doesn't even count as "movement". Roll Lighting Speed at -5 while making a Move and Attack maneuver. If successful, you don't suffer the -4 to your attack roll for Move and Attack, and your skill is not capped at 9.
You can move so fast that it defeats your opponent's eyes. Make a Quick Contest of your Lightning Speed skill -5, against the better of their Perception or Observation (characters with Enhanced Time Sense add +10 to their side of this roll). If you win, they get no defense against an attack you make on this turn.

No matter which version of Lightning Speed you use, if you critically fail a roll, you fall down and end up prone.

Originally Posted by KarlKost
Depending on your game, I could suggest you to DEMAND from your players to spend AT least, say, 90 CP on "Chi Pool" (to buy "Chi Points"), and AT MOST 180 CP.
I'd disagree. That's way too many points of FP/Chi points. Either you're keeping the FP costs of powers pretty low (in the 1-3 range we've already discussed), in which case these levels of chi points will simply make those costs irrelevant, with no plausible fight ever exhausting them, or you scale the FP costs of abilities much higher, in which case what was the point of giving so many points in the first place? There's really no difference between a power that costs 1 FP out of your 10, and an ability that costs 10 FP out of your 100.

Originally Posted by KarlKost
Give that to ALL ninjas too... This is that classical thing on animes, when the heroes have been beaten badly, their energies are spent, but they spend some time to increase their Cosmos/Chi whatever, and gain that impossible power out of nothing.
Rather than building this as an ability, I'd strongly recommend looking into some impulse buy options. This is presented in the Basic Set, as "Buying Success", p. B347, where it's explained as spending character points to turn rolls into successes or critical successes, or to influence the scene somewhat by introducing plausible elements. It's greatly expanded in Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys, though, with lots of options to spend character points on, and some options for providing a permanent pool of points that can only be spent this way, and refresh over time. It's actually quite a useful concept for a cinematic setting like Naruto - it really covers a lot of that "last-ditch turnaround" that characterizes the genre. One of the options, for example, is to spend one character point for 25 FP. That can power a very hefty fireball, particularly if you allow options like Godlike Extra Effort from Powers (p. 161) to spend FP to boost abilities.
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