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Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
Zaku Abumi definitely got feinted which allowed Sakura to score her initial kunai hit (both hands. Guess for extra dmg. Normally one handed weapon) on his right arm and then bite his left hand.

I think this was more simply to keep him grappled so he couldn't use his arms (primary weapon) to murder Naruto/Sasuke though. To hold him in desperate hope one might wake up, Rock Lee might recover from Dosu's attack, or other help might come.

Zaku seemed more surprised than scared though. He mostly seemed annoyed that someone weaker was able to immobilize him.

Aside from.the ST penalty introduced in MA and affirmed in TG, wondering if reduced damage from the skull punches might alsonbe explained by Defensive Attack.

Could the bonus to a defence roll of choice that DA gives be a grapple escape? Even though you do it in place of an attack since MA? If so maybe he was doing rapid strike: punch+escape? This way he could get some shock penalties from the punch t try and make it easier to escape the bite.
Please don't take offense, but though this tread has 'Naruto' in the title, it is not truly a Naruto thread, unless of course you would like to show some conversion of character powers to Gurps (any examples would help)

That aside, I now better understand parrying with the whip, as the player would activate it again to parry (if that was the intention), and it would again last for that 1 sec. turn.

So on the 2 powers in question, I came up with something like this:

Gust(Kaze No Kisu) Innate attack at 1d/level crushing base 5pts/level
- No Wounding at -50%
- Costs CHI/FP -5%/CHI/FP cost
- Stunning +10% (from afflictions, can I add this here?)

Water Whip(Mizu no shita) Innate attack at 1d/level crushing base 5pts/level
- Melee Attach(reach 1-4 whip) -15%
- Cost CHI/FP -5%/CHI/FP cost
- Alternate damage type : fatigue at 1/5 cost of 10pts/level = +2pts/level

So for each level of Kaze No Kisu, costing 1 CHI/FP to use would cost (5 -45%) 3 CP and for Mizu No Shita costing 1CHI/FP to use would cost (5+2 -20%) 5 CP?

Just checking to see if I am doing the math right. If I'm doing this right, I will try and go through the rest that I outline earlier (though I am not sure about the Palm Waves - each consecutive hit increases damage) and post what I have worked out. Once this is done I can finalize the 4 school templates and try and balance them out.

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