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Default Re: Naruto like campaign, beginner needs help

Originally Posted by InLaNoche View Post
I like this. Thanks! I think I would go the Active Defense route. I would prefer that the player has to actively initiate the block. The only issue is how Block functions. How would the damage side of things work? I'm guessing (and from what I read so far) there is no mod that divides damage?

Also, I was looking through the powers book, and don't see anything that will get me the water lash. Unless maybe create? how would damage be managed? Would I then treat it like a whip melee weapon?

I will definitely keep logs, most likely taken from audio recordings of the sessions, and will gladly share them once things are underway. I do see this being about a month down the road at the most, but I'll see how quickly I can get through this. My problem right now is having the time to read the BS front to back, which I think I should. I have been just browsing the sections I was concentrating on at the moment...
No, no need for Create. The water is just "special effects"; you could simply do it with an innate attack and the meele limitation (probably for reach 4). The water is just the aesthetics that you put into it (but it can still have relevant meaning - for example, it could counter and be countered by fire effects)
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